Mindful Birthing Boston is a collective of MBCP teachers in the Boston area.

IMG-3296Danielle Schuman-Olivier, CNM, PMHNP-BC has been teaching MBCP since 2014. She began regularly meditating in 2002 for stress-relief and well-being. Meditation and yoga have supported her through her professional journey from midwife to mindfulness teacher to mental health nurse practitioner as well as her parenting journey with two children.  When she met the founder of MBCP, Nancy Bardacke, in 2013 through the encouragement of her friend and colleague, Jennifer Averill Moffit, CNM, Nancy urged her to get training as a mindfulness teacher. She studied with Nancy and Jane Gerlach, CNM and eventually joined them all as assistant faculty for the year-long, MBCP teacher training. After practicing as a nurse-midwife for 14 years, she went back to school to become a mental health nurse practitioner, completing her clinical training at Boston Medical Center and the Women’s Day hospital for pregnant and postpartum women. Now she midwifes women and their families by specializing in perinatal mental health & well-being. She is a Level 1 Internal Family Systems psychotherapist. For more information about Danielle’s integrative practice or to make an appointment, check out this page. For questions about mindfulness classes or groups, email her at mindfulbirthingboston@gmail.com.  

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Amanda Abbott, CNM, MSN began her meditation practice in 2005 in Ann Arbor, MI where she studied public health and social work, with a concentration in women’s and reproductive health. While in Ann Arbor, she attended births as a doula, and was trained as an Infant Mental Health Specialist, working with high-risk families prenatally and postpartum. “My early meditation practice supported me through graduate school, the death of a parent, and the stresses of life in one’s late 20’s, allowing me to be more present and accepting, while also open to new challenges. It also assisted me in being more present and compassionate with myself and the families I was working with.”

In the summer of 2005, Amanda traveled to Ghana to work with a midwife teaching childbirth education classes, and evaluating their success. This sparked a life-long passion for childbirth education and international reproductive health work.  After several years of working in international reproductive health programming, she returned to Yale University where she completed her midwifery education. Amanda has been working as a midwife at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA since 2014. She has two children born into the hands of midwives. Amanda took MBCP and then MBSR in 2017 with her partner during her maternity leave with their second child. Amanda completed her MBCP teacher training with Nancy Bardacke in 2019. “I know that MBCP is a true gift for me, not only as a midwife, but more importantly, as a parent. I use the practices daily and will for the rest of my life!” Contact Amanda at mindfulbirthparent@gmail.com.

Clare Storck, CNM, MSN, worked as birth doula and prenatal massage therapist starting in 2004 while sheIMG_4996 was preparing to go back to midwifery school. She had dabbled with meditation starting in 2002, but truly came to mediation when she was at Vanderbilt studying midwifery in 2007. “I had uprooted my life and moved cross country to start school and found that yoga and mediation quelled the anxiety that welled up in me. Getting on the mat and coming to my breath through movement was my biggest tool at that point.” As the demands of school ramped up, so did anxiety, so she enrolled in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class to work with rising anxiety. Her practice continued through graduate school, a move to Somerville and starting work as a midwife.

Having a child in 2014 disrupted her usual practice, but then in 2015 she found herself struggling to get pregnant. “I was dealing with the pain of infertility and raising a small child at the same time, so my daily mediation practice became imperative. My practice allowed me to ride the wave of emotions that happened in two weeks cycles for  three years” Mediation allowed her to be present for her work,  her family and her life despite all that life was presenting.

She knew she wanted to take the MBCP training as she found her way deeper into her mediation practice and realized what this class could bring to new parents during their journey. If it could help her be present for her one child, while also holding space for grief and sadness of infertility then she felt it could benefit new parents as they moved through the struggles and joys of being with their children. You can reach Clare at mindfulstorck@gmail.com

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